Water Care Thermal Bath Water Ornate



Ebambu approved
THE best formulated, organic and eco-friendly products available on the market


Every year, over 15,000 benefit from the benefits for this active water, officially recognised as being of public interest by the French Ministry of Health, which: 
- calms and soothes irritation
- relieves rashes and reduces swelling 
- purifies for a fresher complexion
- improves the condition of sensitive skins 


In the heart of the legendary Andaine forest, in the Natural Park of Normandy, springs a water found nowhere else in the world, which is mild, rich and actives: 

- very low mineral content: mild for the skin

- rich in silicates: protect the epidermis

- rich in magnesium: active in the defence mechanism of a healthy body

- rich in trace elements (iron, copper, magnesium): source of balance

- original due to its acidic pH: essential ingredient of the secret of its virtues

Instructions to use

- Spray, with a circular movement, at a distance of 25cm

- Allow to act for a few seconds, then dry gently without rubbing