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Registered with Health Canada and the EPA, Lemon Eucalyptus is the most effective plant-based repellent available on the market. With a pleasant scent and feel, it offers efficient protection against insects such as mosquitoes, biting flies and deer ticks, without the use of synthetic ingredients such as ACTIVE DEET.


  • Active ingredient is derived
    from lemon eucalyptus leaves.


Apply a small quantity. Spray product on hands and apply all over exposed skin avoiding any contact with eyes or mouth. Do not spray in enclosed areas. Wash hands after application. Re-apply after 6 hours if necessary. Do not apply more than twice per day.

Brand Information

Druide laboratoires was founded in 1979 in the Appalachians region in Quebec Canada. The continuing vision of Alain Renaud, founder of the company, was to be inspired by traditions of natural care to make non-toxic hygiene and beauty products that respect the human body and the earth.  Few thousand years ago, the Druids used the vital energy of plants to restore balance and health of the body. They search for a way to find in nature the means of relieving pain and disease in their community. It was the very beginning of herbal medicine based on the observations and experiences of passionate visionaries. DRUIDE is inspired by the vision and mission of the Druids whom, in Celtic times, were among the first healers of our world.