Reeliv5 Arthro Action Liquid



Ebambu approved
THE best formulated, organic and eco-friendly products available on the market

A natural remedy of unparalleled efficacy!Soothes joint pain, stimulates cartilage regeneration, natural ingredients chosen for their unique properties, fast absorption for maximum efficacy, non-allergenic and no side effects, delicious, fruity and no after taste.

Approved by Health Canada, REELIV5 brings actual relief to sports injuries and pain associated with arthritis or arthrosis. In addition to boasting a unique mix of ingredients, natural drink REELIV5 is different in many ways. It is a great pain reliever. REELIV5 has a deep-acting effect by speeding up tissue regeneration, which brings about long-lasting relief. If you are the kind of person who demands a lot of their body, whether during training or competition, it is possible that you will occasionally feel pain. REELIV5 was successfully tested by top-level athletes, including National Hockey League players. 

Health Canada Number (NPN) 80035657

Available in 240 mL bottles.