Dark Chocolate Bars - 6 Flavors



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The brightness of sun-ripened oranges in perfect harmony with the richness of dark chocolate. 65% Cacao


Mmm. Chocolate and coffee beans. It will wake up your taste buds and give you a second wind. 55% Cacao


A combination of smooth dark chocolate and cool peppermint. The perfect chill to tantalize your taste buds. 67% Cacao


The perfect combination of our mouth-watering dark chocolate and naturally sweet, tangy raspberry morsels. Rich and intense, this chocolate bar is sure to satisfy all lovers of this little berry. 65$ Cacao

Almond & Sea Salt

What’s new about this bar? Well, we’ve done more than just adding sea salt to our original bar to tease your taste buds. We’ve also added whole roasted almonds for an extra satisfying CRUNCH. Sweet, salty, and crunchy chocolate. Now you have it all!. 55% Cacao


Rich and sophisticated dark chocolate that melts in your mouth with exquisite smoothness!  55% cocoa.