Sarabecca - Roll-On Perfume - 5 Scents



Approuvé Ebambu
LES produits les mieux formulés, biologiques et écologiques disponibles sur le marché


An uplifting blend of neroli (bitter orange blossom) and lemon with subtle hints of geranium that give this natural creation a spicy, herbal undertone.

Floral Citrus

As fresh as spring rain, this enticing blend of jasmine, grapefruit and orange is made richer and more complex with the addition of rosewater and apple.

New Rose

New Rose is a modern take on a classic scent.  It is fresh and lively, with subtle notes of geranium, sandalwood and cedar that mingle gracefully with the sophisticated rose oil notes.  This is not your grandmother’s rose.

Vanilla Spice

While we call this all-natural fragrance Vanilla Spice, it is a marriage of beautiful oriental notes harmonizing gracefully.  It combines essences of amber, patchouli, jasmine and coriander over a base of vanilla.  Simply beautiful!

Amber Blossom

Sophisticated, complex and harmoniously balanced, this is our most sensual and alluring scent.