Animal testing -

Animal testing

Maggie Reyes

We call animal-tested any product (cosmetic, supplement, drug, or otherwise) that is used on animals to test the quality and efficacy of a product. This practice has been performed for years and has been considered one of the cruelest behaviors in the history of animal abuse.


China passed a law that anyone who marketing cosmetic product products within the country must pay the government’s laboratories to perform animal testing to ensure consumer safety. On the contrary, some countries like Norway, Israel, Turkey and the European Union have banned these practices on animals. South Korea, Argentina, Austria, United States and Canada have only considered certain restrictions of testing.


In Canada, we are currently fighting for the amendment of the law against animal abuse to include cosmetic testing on animals. This law was presented in December of 2015 by Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen and supported by Humane Society International/Canada and the Animal Alliance of Canada. If this law passes, it will apply throughout Canada and we would join the cruelty free countries.

There are multiple alternatives to animal testing. Technology has permitted very versatile laboratory testing as well as the use of artificial tissue, which can validate consumer safety.

Animal testing - 

List of free animal tested brands

There are supplements and cosmetics that respect the right to animal life on top of providing 100% natural ingredients! These companies have internal policies that protect the animals and the environment. Here is a list of some of the brands under this policy.

  • Ecco Bella
  • Burt's Bees
  • Boo Bamboo
  • Mountain Sky
  • New Nordic
  • Suncoat
  • Lakota
  • Nutracentials
  • Nuvocare
  • Nutripur
  • Reeliv5



Animal lovers or not, if you respect life, read the following lines.

It is important to know the origin of the products that we use so as not to support these cruel practices on helpless animal. Not exploiting animals means not using product that support or use animal testing. Say NO to ANIMAL ABUSE

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