Super detoxifying raspberries and grapes

Super detoxifying raspberries and grapes

Alexandra Leon

There are certain foods that are superfoods because they offer a huge nutritional boost as well as detoxifying our bodies. Two of the most powerful detoxifiers are also two of our favourite fruits: raspberries and grapes.

We are continually bombarded with free radicals and toxins from the air, our food, certain medication and the stress of modern life. Free radicals are those components that gradually damage our cellular structures causing us to age or become ill. Detoxifying superfoods help prevent and repair the damage of free radicals. Raspberries and grapes are two fruits that can help us detoxify.


Effects of detoxifying

When we begin to detoxify we lower our cholesterol, clean the liver, improve our circulation, repair tissue while cleansing the blood of toxins. As a result, our immune system becomes stronger, our hair and skin become healthier and we have more energy.



High in sugar and protein, raspberries are also a good source of vitamin C, copper, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin E, magnesium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium, raspberries pack a lot of nutritionl. Knonw as the fruit of the forest, raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is found in forests and meadows. This sweet fruit can be harvested from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn and comes in many different colours. In total there are over 150 varieties cultivated around the world. Central and Northern Europe have red raspberries, while yellow raspberries are found in Scandinavian countries. North America is home to many black, blue and red varieties.

Add some of this delicious fruit to your daily diet.


Botanically a berry, grapes come from the deciduous woody vines of the flowering plant Vitis.

Sweet and round, they grow in a variety of cold climates in a wide array of colours ranging from black or brown to green. It’s one of our most popular fruits used to make wine, vinegars and raising.

High in fibre but low in calories, grapes are an excellent source of most of the B vitamins along with Vitamin K and C, copper and manganese.

Daily intake

Raspberries and grapes are a delicious addition to our diets. There are so many ways to enjoy these fruits. Add some raspberries to your breakfast cereal or yogurt. Add grapes to your lunch or snack time. Use them to replace the sugary dinner dessert. You can also juice them and add to any smoothie.

There are also some great supplements on the market combine both fruits and their nutritional benefits. Look for the brand using natural and organic sources for the best results.


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