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What causes wrinkles - Part I

Maggie Reyes

Wrinkles are unavoidable, especially as we age and begin to lose collagen. This important protein keeps the skin firm and supple. It’s not just lack of collagen that causes wrinkles. There are other contributing factors, some that can be easily avoided.


Smoking: To maintain healthy skin, the blood needs to circulate constantly. Smoking lessens the available oxygen and slows down circulation thereby causes facial wrinkles, among other problems.


Dehydration: The skin retains water through the upper layers of the epidermis. This layer helps protect the skin from dehydration caused by too much sun and wind or exposure to extreme temperatures. With the passage of time, the skin loses its ability to retain water so becomes dehydrated, giving way to wrinkles.

 What causes wrinkles - Part 1

Genetics: According to studies, there are more than 1500 genes that handle proteins including elastin, collagen and proteoglycans. These all prevent wrinkles and your ability to produce and maintain their levels are directly connected to genetics. Some people simply age better than others.


Alcohol: Partaking in a few too many spirits can contribute to wrinkles. Vitamin A keeps the skin moist so plays an important role in youthful looking skin. When too much alcohol is consumed, Vitamin A is reduced and the skin becomes dehydrated causing fine line to appear. Excess alcohol also limits the circulation of blood to the face, resulting in broken blood vessels and deep wrinkles.


Poor diet: Sugar, saturated fats, fried foods and junk food with too many additives all contribute to wrinkles. A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins is one of the best ways to keep skin supple and firm.  Sun damage: Ultraviolet rays damage the skin by dehydrating it and also breaking down the cells. Too much sun causes wrinkles but can also lead to skin cancer.  Lack of sleep: Insomnia or lack of sleep can change our appearance. Crows’-feet and dark circles under the eyes can appear. Not getting enough rest also suppress the hormone responsible for producing collagen.  Chronic expressions: Certain facial gestures speed up the arrival of wrinkles. When an expression becomes permanent or habitual, wrinkles can be created. Chronic frowning, angry mouths, squinting eye, even an exaggerated smile causes muscles to contract, helping wrinkles appear.

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